Founded on the principal of a lifestyle led by simplicity, The Salon specialises in beauty treatments designed for the women of now. A time where less is more, and more time is put into doing the things we love.

Great skin, less make up and more ocean swims. More time creating memories and feel good endorphins, less of the pseudo and more of the real you.

Health issues due to lifestyle choices, driving hours in traffic everyday and barely ever doing the things I love were some of the main reasons for my change in lifestyle. 


This is where the less is more principle derived from, for me. 


I feel as though this year has showed us all that we can change our lives for the better by taking this approach. 

"The opportunities throughout the 12 years of my career in beauty are undeniably what helped me grow into who I am today. With experience in Double Bay, Sydney and Los Angeles, California, working alongside many influential people helped to design the concept of my now approach to beauty at The Salon."

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Jodie Bushell


Sammie Wylie